At Circles Behavior Consultation Services, we believe in delivering quality, evidence-based, services that produce tangible results and improve the lives of those we work with and their families.  Our staff consists of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs), and fully trained and supervised therapists and aides.  Our entire staff continually receives ongoing education to guarantee that our clients receive the very best care that is possible.  Additionally, we utilize the tools of Applied Behavior Analysis in conjunction with data collection and evaluation to ensure that our services are as effective as they can be.  Based on your needs, we offer a variety of services, which are detailed below.  If, after reading the brief descriptions of our services, you have unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us.


Behavior Intervention Services


Inappropriate behaviors can interfere with daily living and learning.  To combat these types of behaviors we create a behavior plan, which is a written document containing step-by-step procedures for changing a targeted behavior.  The first step we take in creating a behavior plan is a functional assessment or a functional analysis.  These procedures are used to determine why a particular behavior is occurring.  Next, a behavior intervention plan (BIP) is constructed. The aim of the BIP is to put procedures in place to eliminate the undesirable behavior, and to teach an appropriate replacement behavior.  This process consists of interviews, data collection and analysis, and training.  Implementation of the plan is monitored via three follow-up visits.  Additional follow-ups are at the discretion of the family.


Educational Programming


Some children with autism, or other developmental delays, do not learn from their environment the way typical children do.  Group instruction can frustrate and confuse them.  Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has more than 40 years of empirical evidence supporting its effectiveness as a teaching program.  Circles BCS uses the principles of behavior and learning that are inherent to ABA to create educational programs for children with autism.  The initial goal is to help children learn how to learn.

The educational program begins with an assessment.  This process consists of interviews and observations, as well as formal and informal evaluations of skills.  Strengths and deficits are identified.  This assessment is used to create an educational program, which includes specific goals and objectives for the child as well as appropriate teaching strategies.

The education program is supervised by a BCBA who provides support and maintenance of the program and staff, data analysis, progress reports, and ongoing program design.  The frequency of supervisory visits depends on the particular program and family needs.


Behavior Therapy


It is common for behavior or educational programming to require daily intervention by trained personnel.  Because of this, we also maintain a highly trained staff of therapists and aides.  After all, even the best of plans can fail without proper implementation.  In addition to receiving monthly or quarterly consultations, families have the option of choosing our trained therapy team to provide daily services for the child at his or her home or at our clinic.  Alternatively, families can choose to hire their own staff or implement the program themselves.  Circles BCS offers training seminars twice a year for these families.